The Lore Trilogy

Pirates, vampires, werewolves, magic, mermaids, and more…

Lore is the story of two young lost souls, drawn together by love and moved across continents and oceans by fate. Molly Bishop, a young girl of strong will and honest heart wishes only to find the truths hidden in her famous father’s legacy, her place in the world, and to be happy. The young man she loves, Thomas Crowe – a roguish but lovable pirate – is stricken by the pains of a werewolf curse, persecution by mortal kind and a longing to absolve himself of his misfortunes and to be human again. The pair would be unoriginal if not for the beautiful and deep web of mysteries surrounding their pasts and their futures; she, a beautiful yet simple girl destined to be the greatest sorceress that ever lived; he, a charismatic outlaw who will literally travel to the afterlife and back in order to find solace for himself and protect the woman he loves.

The Lore trilogy is a surprising and captivating new take on a familiar and well-explored genre. The series is an action, adventure, romance epic, spanning the course of many years beginning in the late 1780s, and is a bold and exciting mesh of fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction. Chad T. Douglas rewrites a history for a new era of fantasy, weaving together factual history with the many myths and legends born from every culture his characters encounter. Everywhere its characters travel, whether in the Caribbean, the British Isles, Spain, Eastern Europe, Morocco, East Africa, India, South America or even China, Lore immerses readers not only in setting but also in mythical and historical context. The series boasts a hefty catalogue of fantasy readers’ all-time favorite myths and legends, including vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, pirates, and merfolk. However, the colorful and complex cast of characters that fills the pages of this series encounters places, beings and creatures not even best-selling competitors such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Twilight attempt to capture. Every cult of vampires, every clan of werewolves, every tribe of merfolk, has a unique heritage buried deep in the annals of human history. As the adventure unfolds, the journals of scientifically-minded magician Geoffrey Mylus guide the reader through the science and the folklore behind every twist and turn.

A Pirate’s Charm (Lore, Book 1)

When she flees Barbados in the late 1780s, the last thing Molly Bishop expects is to begin life anew with a criminal—much less the infamous Captain Thomas Crowe. On the high seas, far from her old life and even farther from England and her Uncle Samuel’s farm, Molly learns more than just the way of outcasts. Captain Crowe keeps secrets—many secrets—and possesses an extraordinary ring crafted by Molly’s father—a man she thought to be long gone. Life on the fringes of civilization offers something forbidden and exciting to Molly, and when Thomas’s secrets are revealed, she is immersed in a world of magic and myth more real and much greater than she could have ever imagined.

“Carriage rides, tequila, dresses, guns…I do believe you are trying to court me, Thomas Crowe!”
–Molly Bishop

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East and Eight (Lore, Book 2)

Thomas Crowe and Molly Bishop walk into trouble’s open arms once again when an Atlantean sorceress, the mermaid Oi’alli, comes to Tom looking for a stolen talisman. When Tom refuses to return it, the consequences are dire. Plagued by two new foes, a demon and a mysterious octet of immortal-hunters known simply as “The Eight”, there is nothing Tom can do when the truths of his past come to surface and try to eat him alive. Molly Bishop is Tom’s only hope. Wrought by anger and confusion toward her father, the beautiful and talented magesmith must confront demons of her own if she hopes to live long enough to keep Thomas from succumbing to his end. Armed with new strength and magical powers, Molly lights the way as she and Tom make a treacherous journey east, to the heart of Romania.

“Darkness only darkens when you put out fires…”
–Thomas Crowe

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The Old World, (Lore, Book 3)

Lore_Tow_CoverThomas Crowe is gone. The maniacal Captain Jack Darcy and the Order of the Blood Moon have taken the crew of the Roatán Butterfly prisoner; The Eight, a secretive band of immortal-killers, are quickly and comfortably seizing control of the British Empire, and Molly Bishop is sailing against her will into faraway waters. In Bombay, the Seventh, a powerful and mysterious woman from Molly’s recent past, waits to double-cross the Blood Moons and turn Molly and her friends over to the Bureau of Immortal Affairs. Molly must now overcome tragedy and despair to keep a promise she made to Tom, and to what end, she cannot be sure. Driven only by hope and a prophecy, she will fight to reclaim her life, her freedom, and, perhaps, even the impossible…

“Hell is not a place we go, Thomas, it is a feeling we carry with us.”
–the Octopus

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Awards and Recognition

Lore has already been honored in international contests including the 2010-2011 New York Book Festival Book Contest, the 2011-2012 Los Angeles Book Festival Book Contest, and the 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. In March 2014, Douglas appeared by invitation at the Paris Book Fair at Salon du Livre (Paris, France) as one of several undiscovered American authors. The invitation was extended by a publisher working in cooperation with the US Embassy in France to bring new American authors to the French publishing market.

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