Editing & Graphic Design

Freelance Copy & Content Editor

I have a great interest in all varieties of popular fiction, offering editing services ranging from basic grammatical and typographical editing to in-depth content editing. I can also assist in developing characters, managing the structure and pacing of authors’ work, defining a writing style and voice, and using effective storytelling economy in the author’s own voice. I prefer to work digitally, editing in Microsoft Word using the “track changes” feature, keeping the editing process transparent and digital. I perform the first round of edits (including basic grammatical and typographical edits and comments) at a fixed, hourly rate. I notify the author when round one is complete, allowing the author to review and accept or reject changes. Once the author has made any necessary changes or revisions, I perform round two of my edits and strive to polish the work to the best of my ability, preventing the need for further editing or review cycling. As in round one, I notify the author when round two is complete. The author may request a third (and final) round of revisions if two rounds of work do not satisfactorily complete the process. I save and provide final drafts in a digital format free of charge but can print and ship hard copies at the author’s expense if the author so desires.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Need a logo for your brand or business? A custom business card design? Maybe graphics for an ad, a poster, a banner, or just some professional Photoshop editing for an important photo or creative project? I provide a wide range of photo manipulation and graphic design services at a competitive, hourly rate. Check out the work samples below! Note: all portfolio works that appear below are property of their respective brands and/or owner(s) unless otherwise specified.

 Colorized Black and White Photos

sidebyside copy

Lucius_Witherspoon_tent_sidebyside copy

Trade Show and Festival Banners


Posters, Ads, Flyers, Photo Manipulation, and Artistic Commissions

sidebyside_witharrows copy

Kali before and after


Business Logos

Pinpoint_logo_3_royal_v3 copy




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