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Author pic edit copyChad T. Douglas graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Language from the University of Florida in 2012 and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Media Marketing and Communications. While still an undergraduate attending UF, Douglas began independently writing and publishing his first young adult trilogy. In 2010, Douglas became a staff writer for the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity at the Florida Museum of Natural History (UF). When he wasn’t working on his novels or attending classes, Douglas traveled with and wrote for the McGuire Center. Between 2010 and 2015 he visited Honduras, Kenya, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, and Mexico, acting as a travel writer for the “McGuire Newsletter” and as an assistant ecotour guide for Expedition Travel Co. Since 2014, Douglas has continued writing and publishing novels while working as a copy and content editor. His most recent novel, Earthshine, is the first installment of a science fiction series.


Email: thelorist@gmail.com


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