MADE In ATLANTA & Alzheimer’s Awareness Month


Hi everyone! I know it’s only October, and right now we’re all likely in the midst of our annual giving, fundraising, and campaigning for the fight against breast cancer and for many, many other critical, universal, humanitarian causes. It’s a busy season for giving, caring, and supporting our friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones, and next month the worldwide march in support of medical breakthroughs and easier-won survival stories will continue.

Next month will be, among many other things, Alzheimer’s Awareness month. Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the most dreaded and burdensome illnesses whose challenges and struggles many people face every day, whether personally or through the suffering of a loved one. Alzheimer’s left a dark and lasting impression on me at a young age, as I and my family watched helplessly as my great aunt struggled with the illness for a long time before it ultimately took her life. Ever since then, Alzheimer’s Awareness and research dedicated to finding a way to prevent or cure the disease has occupied a special place of relevance in my life.

originalThis year, MADE in ATLANTA, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia, wants to do its part to help support the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. MADE in ATLANTA, whose brand and apparel celebrate and support the city of Atlanta, its local people and businesses, and its true, original brands, is “going purple”. A portion of their proceeds from now through November will go to the Alzheimer’s Association in support of research that aims to advance the treatment of Alzheimer’s and to hopefully find an ultimate cure or preventative solutions to the disease.

I would be very grateful to all my followers, especially those whom I look forward to seeing every year in Decatur, if they would consider making a purchase which will help to raise donations for the Alzheimer’s Association. Even if you aren’t able, you can still help tremendously by sharing this blog post and by “liking” MADE in ATLANTA on Facebook and/or following on Twitter or Instagram!

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