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It’s not that cyberpunk action-stealth game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided wants to be anodyne — it’s that you have to be interested enough to look past its delivered narrative to unearth its roiling underside of politically vivid subtext. It’s not lit in neon over bionic security operative Adam Jensen’s head, in other words, but hidden…

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When the Reporter Becomes the Story…and It’s a Good Thing

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A great blog post about Omran Daqneesh and what his story means to countries around the world as well as to those directly suffering through the Syrian humanitarian crisis.

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Like millions of others around the world, I was recently taken by a shared post of a Mediaite.com article about a little boy, Omran Danqueesh, pulled from the rubble of his just-destroyed home in war-torn Aleppo, Syria. However, I must admit, what hooked me into clicking and reading the post was more than likely not the sad, common reality of a child injured in a war zone, but instead the less ubiquitous specter of a national news anchor choking back tears while telling the story.

In fact, the article by Lindsey Ellefson, like many subsequent articles featured on many other outlets over the next several days, actually focused more on the crying news anchor than the injured child. The very first sentence is descriptive of CNN anchor Kate Bolduan’s reputation as a tough and emphatic reporter. It goes on briefly to describe the images that Bolduan is referencing in her…

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Lisn’s new app lets you stream songs for your friends while chatting — TechCrunch

The joy that comes from listening to music with friends is something that’s been around ever since…well, ever since music. But today, thanks to digital services that let you listen anytime, anywhere, music is now more often a solo experience. A new app called Lisn wants to change that, by offering you a way to listen…

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Intro to Multimedia Final: Overview (Section A & Conclusion)

Into / Foreword

I’ve chosen to focus this project on the Florida Museum of Natural History (UF) and its internal institutions, particularly the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity. I am going to focus my proposed campaign around a nested campaign promoting the FLMNH Spring Break Camp, which will be occurring continuously from March 21-25, 2016. The event includes both AM and PM camps (8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM respectively). This is a week-long event, which invites children to, “Dive into the sciences and investigate natural history through activities and hands-on exploration.” While participating in the Spring Break Camps, children explore the program topic through interactive activities, as well as the Museum’s own collections and exhibits. Not only is this a big spring event for the museum, I feel it is a great opportunity to advertise and promote a number of museum attractions and offers to parents before the event (inquiry phase), during the event (while dropping off and picking up children from the Camps), and after the event. Simply, I am promoting an event hosted by FLMNH, but will be discussing “mini campaigns” that I feel fit right in with the promotion of the week-long event.

FLMNH calendar
Schedule for this year’s Spring Break Camps

|Company Analysis|


The Florida Museum of Natural History and the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera are public, educational, and research institutions located on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville, Florida. The mission of these partnered institutions is, “Understanding, preserving and interpreting biological diversity and cultural heritage to ensure their survival for future generations.” According to FLMNH, “the Museum [is] clearly focused on its mandated functions to undertake scientific research, make collections, establish and maintain a repository, develop exhibitions and conduct interpretive programs to educate the public.”

The McGuire Center, a research and education focused branch of FLMNH, is home to Florida Museum specimens formerly stored at the Allyn Museum in Sarasota, and other collections from UF and the Florida Division of Plant Industry. The McGuire Center holds more than 10 million specimens, making it one of the world’s largest Lepidoptera collections, representing most of the world’s 20,000 butterfly species and many of the estimated 245,000 moth species. The McGuire Center’s Butterfly Rainforest is a popular living exhibit where guests can see and interact with exotic butterflies, and as of recent years, some new, exotic birds. These institutions’ target audience includes visiting families of all ages, K-12 school groups, community organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, educators, researchers, students, scientists, and anyone with an interest in Lepidoptera or, more generally, biodiversity and natural history.

The institutions strengths are many, and one example is its numerous, supportive partnerships with other organizations in the national and international scientific and academic community as well as the University of Florida itself. Some of these organizations and partners include the Florida Biodiversity Foundation (state), the Lepidopterists’ Society (national), and Expedition Travel / Holbrook Travel (local).

There are a few great opportunities for growth in current features. FLMNH houses a unique attraction and living exhibit, the Butterfly Rainforest, whose biodiversity can be updated nearly indefinitely, thus creating new interest even to regular visitors; this exhibit has historically been very popular with the public and not only can its living content be expanded, the wing that houses the exhibit has potential for expansion in terms of square footage and function. Additionally, the MC currently boasts the largest collection of Lepidoptera in the world. This achievement is bound to serve as a magnet for public interest, academic interest, and financial support, and encourages the personal investment of notable, visiting faculty, staff, curators and researchers, who bring a unique and nationally and internationally-backed expertise to FLMNH and its facilities, collections, and exhibits.

FLMNH and the MC should utilize IMC in their marketing and general dialogue with the public because of its myriad of benefits. IMC employs creative and message consistency, which not only strengthens a company’s voice and presence, it can save a lot of money (Linton). The benefits don’t end there, though. As Linton says, and as many companies who use IMC know, integrating channels and maintaining a visible, consistent brand image and message also caters to customer preference. When communicating on numerous, synchronized platforms, patrons and supporters of FLMNH can engage with the museum using their preferred medium. Additionally, implementing online IMC means more impactful exposure. The more FLMNH takes care to craft its content and the unique key words and tags it uses when posting news, announcing museum events, and advertising key exhibits such as the Butterfly Rainforest, the easier its target audience can be reached, and the faster that audience will grow.

|Closing remarks (from Section F)|

In short, the Florida Museum of Natural History and its internal partners have the good fortune of location, affiliations and partnerships, well-established national and international community presence, great local support, and a lot of already successful social media and IMC bases. By improving upon what it already has to offer, and upon the many channels its voice and presence already reside, this institution has a lot of potential when it comes to running any kind of campaign. I feel that with prime opportunities coming up, including a trade show and a popular annual event in March, the museum has the chance to pull all its resources while improving its reach and delivery. With the tactics, content, methods, and execution I’ve described in the full version of this exercise (not shown here), I believe FLMNH and the MC can not only pull off a successful in-house event, they can also see success in two or more campaigns tied closely to the heart of their main objectives and raise funds for a good cause at the same time.